Service Your Vehicle This Spring

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If you want your vehicle to last and last or if you just want to get the most you can possibly get on it when you trade it in, you have to take care of your vehicle. This means keeping it detailed and keeping it serviced. When you take care of your vehicle it will take care of you.


Keeping your vehicle serviced is the best way to keep it in good shape. You’ll need to make an appointment with the service department at Johnson Bros. Ford to have it maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. You’ll find the recommendations in your owner’s manual; or you can call us with the VIN number and we’ll tell you when it’s time for your next service interval.

Service intervals depend on the model and how you drive the vehicle. If you tow frequently, drive more than 13,000 miles per year or if you drive in the mountains frequently, you may need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for heavy driving.

Heavy driving may include having to change the transmission fluid sooner, having to change the brakes sooner and having to change the oil sooner. It also means that you may have to have your vehicle’s mechanical aspects checked more often, including belts, hoses, brakes, suspension components and other wear and tear components.

The Exterior

Keep the exterior detailed; either do it yourself or take it to a car wash. You’ll need to keep the paint washed and waxed since the elements and the crud that mother nature throws at it wears on the paint. Mud, bird poop, and salty slush all wear on the paint over time. Don’t forget about the wheels. Make sure you use the proper chemicals for the type of wheels you have, whether they are aluminum, alloy, chrome or steel.

Set Up a Service Appointment Today

Call the service department at Johnson Bros. Ford to set up a service appointment for maintenance or repairs this spring. Keeping your vehicle in excellent condition means that you can get more for it on trade in or make it last longer if you plan on keeping it.

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Benefits of Owning an SUV

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SUVs are more popular than ever right now and perhaps you’re thinking about trying one out. If you’ve always been one to buy a car, truck, or van, you might not know why SUVs are so appealing to most people recently.

Though SUV stands for “sport utility vehicle,” you don’t have to be an athlete or outdoor enthusiast to appreciate the versatility that an SUV affords. That’s really what makes an SUV stand out from other types of vehicles: they’re versatile. SUVs are economical enough for commuting, roomy enough for road trips or errands to the home improvement store, and rugged enough for demanding stretches of road or inclement road conditions.

No matter what you primarily need a vehicle for, an SUV can excel at while still giving you the option to do things you don’t do as often.

SUVs are also roomy like a van, but are generally more stylish to drive. It’s a good compromise for those looking for a solid family car without totally resigning themselves to an outdated minivan.

SUVs are also good in the safety department. They handle better in bad weather, have better clearance than a car, and usually come with an AWD option for better grip and handling.

And, hey, if you are an avid athlete or outdoors person, an SUV is perfect for you. Many SUVs can be outfitted to go off road to some degree or another and can fit all of your gear.

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford to test drive a Ford SUV today, like the Ford Explorer, Escape, or Expedition. Learn more about each model and drive one off the lot!

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Detailing Your Truck


Whether you just drove a new truck from Johnson Brothers Ford home or your truck is a couple years old and you’re not ready for a new one yet, detailing is an important part of keeping your truck in good condition. The better condition it’s in, the more you could receive when it’s time to trade it in.

The Interior

Dust everything including the dashboard, the armrests, the center consoles and the floor consoles. Once you get the dust off of everything, you can vacuum. Don’t forget to vacuum in the seat crevices. While you have the vacuum out, use the crevice tool to vacuum the HVAC vents. Now, you’ll have all of the loose crud and dust out of the truck.

The next part entails cleaning the surfaces in your truck. Be sure to use the appropriate cleaners for the types of materials inside your truck. Use a good leather cleaner and conditioner for leather upholstery, a vinyl cleaner for anything that is vinyl and the appropriate cleaners for the seats if you have spots on the them. If you do have to wash cloth seats, use an upholstery cleaner, but try it on an area that you can’t see to ensure it doesn’t bleach or fade the material.

Clean the windows and the rearview mirror with a good glass cleaner. If you use glass cleaner in a spray can, you get less streaks than from cleaners in a squirt bottle.

The Exterior

Rinse of the exterior of the truck, including the tires. Use a gentle dish soap such as Dawn, and a soft bristle brush to scrub the truck down. Keep in mind that when you do use dish soap, it will strip the wax, so you’ll have to wax the vehicle. If you don’t have time to wax the vehicle or if you just washed and waxed it, use a soft-bristle brush and water only.

Using a different brush, scrub the tires and rims. Be sure to rinse all of the soap off of the vehicle. Once you get the grime and brake dust off, use a cleaner specifically for your wheels to clean the wheels. Don’t use cleaners from chrome or steel wheels on alloy wheels. Wax the vehicle if it needs it.

Visit Johnson Brothers Ford

Stop by Johnson Brothers Ford to test drive a new Ford or give our service department a call to schedule an appointment for service or maintenance.

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March Events in Central Texas

March events 2018 Temple Austin

Looking for stuff to do this March? Head to the city in your Johnson Bros. Ford and enjoy one of these fun-filled events.

St. Patrick’s Day Festival – March 17

This annual family-friendly festival celebrates all things Irish. Come enjoy authentic Celtic music and dancers, Irish language workshops, the finest Irish imports and plenty of good family fun. The festival will be at the Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms from 12pm to 7pm. Adults are $12, Children 13 and under are $4, and toddlers 2 and under are free.

Rodeo Austin – March 10-24

Over the years, Rodeo Austin has grown from a show featuring 16 animals into one of Austin’s premier events, featuring Pro rodeo events, daily concerts, livestock show, carnival rides, midway games, food trucks, and more. The rodeo will be held at Travis County Exposition Center daily.

Austin Urban Music Festival – March 30-31

More than 15,000 music revelers converge on Auditorium Shores at Lady Bird Lake to enjoy Austin’s only music festival focused on R&B, neo-soul, and hip-hop music. Get your tickets today!

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford before you hit the road and make sure that your car is in tip-top shape. Time to trade-in for a new vehicle? Johnson Bros. Ford can help you get into the car or truck of your dreams. Come test drive one today!

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Why You Should Own a Ford F-150


If you’ve been considering a truck, don’t consider any longer: just go out to your local Chevy dealership and get one! Trucks offer so many advantages to owners that you’ll never regret the decision to buy one, especially if it’s a Chevy F-150. Here’s why a Chevy F-150 may be perfect for you.

More Power

Chevy trucks offer you way more power than a standard car or SUV. How you leverage that power is up to you, but it will certainly come in handy. Trucks generally have upwards of 350-horsepower and they use it to get going since they’re larger vehicles. The thing is, once they get going, they tend to stay on the move. All that momentum, backed by that beastly engine, means that you can go faster than you might expect.

Tow and Haul More

That power means that you can tow and haul more with a truck than with any other type of vehicle. From hauling building supplies, furniture, or even a motorbike or two to towing a boat, travel trailer, or livestock trailer, a truck allows you to do more and go further.

More Space for People, Too

Just because you have a big truck bed doesn’t mean that your passengers have nowhere to sit. Truck cabins can be among the roomiest and most luxurious of vehicle interiors and Chevrolets are no exception. With plenty of seats and a slew of comfort and convenience features, a 2018 Silverado might be the perfect vehicle for you.

Better Visibility and Safety

Trucks allow you to ride high off the ground, which affords you better visibility in all conditions. If you can see further away, you can prepare for what’s coming better. Add to that a truck’s natural off roading abilities and its capabilities of fording deep water, and you’ve got a vehicle that can see you through many a situation.

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Come test drive the new 2018 Ford F-150 today at Johnson Bros. Ford in Temple, Texas. Whether you’re shopping for a new vehicle or just looking to schedule service, Johnson Bros. Ford can help.

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You Know You’re From Texas When…

You Know You're From Texas

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, stop by Johnson Bros. Ford to test drive the vehicle you need for your family, for work or for the farm. If you already have a newer Ford or did not plan to buy something new this year, be sure to give our service department a call to set up an appointment for maintenance or repairs. You just might need an F-150 to live up to some of these Texas actions.

You know you’re from Texas if:

  • You actually know someone who ate a 72-ounce steak and got it for free – or if you were the one who managed to eat it all.
  • You go to a formal event all decked out, including your finest jewelry, and you wear cowboy boots.
  • You know that food that isn’t spicy isn’t from Texas.
  • You know that rattlesnake meat tastes like chicken.
  • You know the four basic food groups and make sure you get them every day: barbecue, nachos, fajitas, and chili.
  • You can tell when another Texan is from the North, East, South, West or Central Texas as soon as that person speaks.
  • Your pastor wears cowboy boots.
  • You know that the only real Mexican food is Tex-Mex.
  • When you refer to more than one person, you say, “Y’all.”
  • When you tell someone you’re getting ready to do something, you say you’re ‘fix’n’ to do it.
  • You know that Johnson Bros. Ford is the place to go if you need a new car or truck.

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford to test drive your next car or truck. You’ll have several trim levels to choose from, plus each one has additional available options to make it your own. Be sure to ask your salesperson about any lease or finance specials we may have running on Ford models or any other vehicles we have in stock.

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Valentine’s Weekend Road Trip


Valentine’s Day is this Wednesday and while some of you have already celebrated early, consider using next weekend as an excuse to get out of town for a weekend road trip. Whether you just bought a new vehicle from Johnson Bros. Ford or had your vehicle serviced at our service department, you’re ready to head out.

Del Rio

Take a trip to Del Rio for a two-nation mini vacation. Be sure to bring your passport and take a trip into the Old West and Old Mexico. Del Rio is on the Rio Grande and is adjacent to the Amistad National Recreation Area. Enjoy dining, shopping and boating on one of the biggest lakes in Texas. You’re just a few minutes from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, so head over the border to spend some time in the Mexican city. Additional activities in Del Rio include rock art, bird watching, wine tasting and visiting museums.


Head over to Odessa, located in the Permian Basin, formed by an ancient ocean in the Permian Period. Visit some of the older buildings, the World Famous Chuck Wagon Gang, grab a bite to eat and more.

El Paso

Take a road trip to El Paso to see mountain ranges rising from the desert, the Rio Grande, play a round of golf, stop for a romantic dinner and visit all of the historical places in the area. Various Indian groups, Spaniards and Europeans all inhabited the area in the past and all have left their mark on the area.


Drive over to Midland on Interstate 20 to tour the Big Bend region, visit museums, get a romantic dinner and dance the night away. Midland is in the center of the Permian Basin; and it offers everything a modern city has to offer without the traffic congestion.

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford to pick up the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. Test drive a sedan, coupe, SUV or pickup truck to take home. When you find a vehicle you like be sure to ask your salesperson about any additional available options and whether we are running any finance or lease specials on the vehicle.

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Top Februrary Events Near Temple


Mark your calendars and be ready to hit the road to catch some of the best events happening nearby this February.

Valentine’s Specials at Local Restaurants – February 14

A number of Austin restaurants, bars, pubs, and eateries will be offering special Valentine’s Day menus, options, and specials. While not a complete list by any means, here are some of the places that you can go for a special meal on Valentine’s Day:

  • Geraldine’s
  • Waller Creek Pub House
  • Boiler Nine Bar & Grill
  • The Driskill Grill
  • Whisler’s
  • Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden

Main Street Market – February 24

Main Street Market this month is on the Downtown Temple Parking Plaza behind City Hall from 10am until 3pm. This event is being sponsored by Discover Downtown and there is no charge to attend. It is open to the public.

Artists, artisans, and vintage vendors will join the the food trucks on Main Street for a day of fun shopping and eating among the community. Meet and mingle, get some fresh air, and connect with your neighbors!

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford this February to test drive a new or used vehicle if it’s time to upgrade your ride. You can also stop by Johnson Bros. Ford if you need to schedule some maintenance with our service department.

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The 2018 Ford Focus


If you are in the market for an economical sedan, stop by Johnson Brothers Ford to test drive the 2018 Ford Focus. This model will save you money in more than one way: Yearly cost to own, original purchase price and your pockets won’t hurt as much since you won’t have to fill it up quite so often. And the Focus has tons of features to boot.

Engine, Transmission and Mechanical Features

The 2018 Ford Focus features a 2.0-liter GDI engine backed by a six-speed automatic transmission.

Additional mechanical features include gas-pressurized shocks, struts with coil springs in the front, a 4.07 axle ratio, a maintenance-free battery with 590 cold cranking amps and run down protection, electric power assist steering, coil springs in the rear and four-wheel ABS brakes with brake assist.

Exterior Features

The Focus features a rear window defroster, tinted glass, variably intermittent wipers, 15-inch steel wheels with silver-painted covers, a steel spare wheel and aero-composite halogen headlights.

Interior Features

The Focus model’s interior features wireless streaming, delayed accessory power, a systems monitor, AM/FM radio, MP3 decoder, CD player, four speakers, USB ports, speed-sensitive volume, radio data system, an integrated roof antenna, an LCD monitor, air filtration, air conditioning, front and rear cup holders, a tilt and telescopic steering wheel, carpet space lights, anti-theft ignition, engine immobilizer, power door locks with auto lock and remote keyless entry.

Additional features include a day/night rearview mirror, a full floor console with covered storage, driver and passenger vanity mirrors, concealed storage in the cargo area, front and rear door bins and Sync, which includes advanced voice recognition, VHR, 911 assist, Applink, Sync Services, mounted steering wheel controls, Bluetooth, and an auxiliary input jack.

Safety and Security Features

The 2018 Ford Focus features side impact beams, ABS and driveline traction control, an airbag occupancy sensor, dual stage driver and passenger front and seat-mounted side airbags, knee airbag, first and second row curtain airbags, the MyKey System, a rearview camera, a low tire pressure warning system, electronic stability control and rear child safety locks.

Visit Johnson Brothers Ford

Stop by Johnson Brothers Ford to test drive the 2018 Ford Focus and to learn more about this model’s convenience, safety, entertainment and security features.

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3 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a New Ford in 2018


Why should you buy a new 2018 Ford car, truck, or SUV this year? Because Fords bring more to consumers than nearly any other automaker. If you want a car, truck, or SUV that’s packed with features, that’s reliable, and that’s affordable to own, Ford is what you need to shop.

1. Quality and Reliability

The two go hand in hand – if you’ve got a quality car, you’ve got a reliable car. You can trust a Ford to start out great and to last for years without major mechanical issues. Not to mention that Fords come packed with quality materials and features.

2. Convenience and Safety Features

Speaking of features, Fords have plenty of them. From features that help keep you safe (whether preventing collisions or minimizing damage to you, your passengers, and your Ford) to features that make your drive more comfortable and convenient, your Ford is a well-engineered machine.

3. Stylish

Maybe subjective, but Fords just look good. With bold, sharp lines, the designers at Ford have really been raising the bar in recent years and the competition has been trying to keep up.

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Ready to experience the Ford difference? Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford to test drive a new or used Ford car, truck, or SUV today. Even if you’re not on the market for a new vehicle, you can still drop in to learn more or to schedule some service with our service department at Johnson Bros. Ford in Temple, Texas.

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