Service Your Vehicle This Spring

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If you want your vehicle to last and last or if you just want to get the most you can possibly get on it when you trade it in, you have to take care of your vehicle. This means keeping it detailed and keeping it serviced. When you take care of your vehicle it will take care of you.


Keeping your vehicle serviced is the best way to keep it in good shape. You’ll need to make an appointment with the service department at Johnson Bros. Ford to have it maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. You’ll find the recommendations in your owner’s manual; or you can call us with the VIN number and we’ll tell you when it’s time for your next service interval.

Service intervals depend on the model and how you drive the vehicle. If you tow frequently, drive more than 13,000 miles per year or if you drive in the mountains frequently, you may need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for heavy driving.

Heavy driving may include having to change the transmission fluid sooner, having to change the brakes sooner and having to change the oil sooner. It also means that you may have to have your vehicle’s mechanical aspects checked more often, including belts, hoses, brakes, suspension components and other wear and tear components.

The Exterior

Keep the exterior detailed; either do it yourself or take it to a car wash. You’ll need to keep the paint washed and waxed since the elements and the crud that mother nature throws at it wears on the paint. Mud, bird poop, and salty slush all wear on the paint over time. Don’t forget about the wheels. Make sure you use the proper chemicals for the type of wheels you have, whether they are aluminum, alloy, chrome or steel.

Set Up a Service Appointment Today

Call the service department at Johnson Bros. Ford to set up a service appointment for maintenance or repairs this spring. Keeping your vehicle in excellent condition means that you can get more for it on trade in or make it last longer if you plan on keeping it.

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Tips to Keep Your Car Ready for Winter Travel


When you get a new vehicle from Johnson Brothers Ford Lincoln, or you get your vehicle serviced here, you may feel a little complacent when it comes to Old Man Winter. No matter how much care you give your vehicle, you’re bound to have some issues when temperatures drop well below freezing.


Batteries hate the cold. If your battery has a low charge because it’s older, it’s time to change it out. While your vehicle may start fine when it’s warmer, it will have a hard time turning the starter when it’s cold. And, if your battery is barely charging, a good cold snap could kill it for good. Instead of taking a chance with an older battery, have our service technicians replace the battery if it’s near or past the warranty date.

Also, make sure the battery cables are tight. Check them with the vehicle off – you should not be able to twist them on the battery posts. If so, tighten the nut just enough to keep the battery terminal from twisting on the post. Also be sure the battery terminals are clean – there should be no green or white powder on the terminals. You can clean it off with baking soda and water – be careful, it is acid – but bring your vehicle by to have us check the battery.

Belts and Hoses

Without a belt turning the water pump and without a hose to carry the water through the cooling system, you’re going to be stuck with no heat in the vehicle. If you haven’t had your vehicle checked recently, bring it by so that we can make sure the belts and hoses are in good condition. A worn belt could snap in cold weather.

Check Your Vehicle’s Fluids

While all fluids are important, there are two you definitely don’t want to run out of – the mix in the windshield washer bottle and antifreeze in the radiator. You need the proper amount of antifreeze to keep the water in your engine and radiator from freezing. And, you don’t want the windshield cleaner to freeze, either. You may need to clean your windows of slush if it sprays onto your windshield.

As for your engine’s oil, it needs to have the proper viscosity for winter. Your service tech at Johnson Brothers Ford Lincoln will ensure that your vehicle has the proper engine oil when you bring it in for an oil change.

Stop by Johnson Brothers Ford Lincoln

Stop by Johnson Brothers Ford Lincoln to have your vehicle serviced for winter and to make sure everything is set for the cold including oil, tires, belts, hoses, antifreeze, wiper fluid and more.

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Decorating Your Car for the Holidays


This year, take Christmas decorating to a whole new level. Don’t just decorate your house: Decorate your vehicle, too. Whether you have a brand new vehicle you just picked up from Johnson Bros. Ford or you are driving a vehicle that is a couple of years old, have fun with decorating it.

Mobile Christmas Tree

You wouldn’t want to put a big tree up through the moon roof as that would definitely restrict your vision, but you could put a small tree in the vehicle. Decorate the tree to the hilt, but make sure it doesn’t block your view in the mirrors or out of the windows.


Add a wreath to the front of your vehicle. The grille allows air in to help cool the air conditioning condenser and the radiator, so be sure the wreath doesn’t block too much of the air flow. Decorate the wreath with bows or large Christmas bulbs.

Big Red Bow

Another great way to show the Christmas spirit is to add a big red bow to the front of your vehicle. Add sparkles to the bow to add a bit more decoration. You could also add small decorations to the bow, including small wreaths, which would be set off by the red color.


Add Christmas lights to the bottom of your vehicle. Wire them in to light up when you turn the ignition on. Or you could wire them to a switch so that you could turn them on and off when needed. Use lights made for underbody lighting; just choose red and green or multiple Christmas colors.

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford to test drive a new vehicle for the holidays. Once you have your new vehicle, you’ll be able to decorate it with festive decorations. If you are not ready for a new vehicle because your current vehicle is only a year or two old, be sure to call our service department for an appointment to have maintenance completed or to have your vehicle, including the tires, checked for the winter.

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Safe Holiday Driving


When you think about the holiday season before it hits, you probably think of your family traditions and the delicious food you’ll soon be eating. What you may forget about is holiday travel and the stresses it can cause.

However, holiday driving doesn’t have to be entirely about traffic jams, grumpy kids, and sleet on the roads. By following a few simple holiday driving trips, you can make your travel experience this holiday season much more safe and enjoyable.

Watch the Weather

Many holiday drivers are forced to leave home in horrible weather to make it to their destination on time. Watch the weather before you leave, and keep an eye out for areas that will be experiencing icy or snowy conditions. Avoid those areas if possible, and if not, allow yourself some extra travel time.

Be Cautious Around Large Trucks

No one likes having to pass semi-trucks in winter driving conditions, but you can make sharing the road with them a lot easier. Don’t cut in front of them. They take much longer to stop than a car, so allow them plenty of space before you merge back into their lane after passing. Be careful of their blind spots too. If you can’t see the driver in their mirrors, they can’t see your vehicle.

Drive Slow

Holiday driving almost always involves a conversation about “making good time” on the road. Forget about how long it takes you to get to your destination, and focus on safety. This means driving slower in winter conditions than you would on clear roads. Speeding is also much more dangerous on a congested roadway, so slow down in heavy traffic.

Watch the Road

While it can be tempting to look at your phone or GPS, don’t do it! Have passengers do the navigating and text messaging for you. Just two seconds of taking your eyes off the road can double your chance of an accident.

Service Your Vehicle

It’s important to make sure your vehicle is ready for long-distance travel before you hit the road. Bring your vehicle by your Temple Ford dealer, Johnson Bros. Ford, and our Johnson Bros. Ford service department will have your vehicle in top shape before you leave.

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Tips for Holiday Shopping


The holidays are upon us and it’s time to start thinking about shopping for your friends and family. Shopping can be time consuming at the best of times, but when you’re busy working and planning holiday trips, finding the time to shop along the way can be a challenge.

To make things easier, consider these shopping tips to make it a more joyful experience.

Shopping Tips

  • Do as much shopping as you can as early as you can.
  • If presents need to be mailed, get those to the post office early so they’ll arrive in time.
  • If shopping time is limited, purchase some stockings, goodies and snacks, and assorted gift cards and create a holiday “stocking gift” for everyone on your list. Fill with holiday candy, gourmet tea and coffee, specialty cheeses, candy canes, and any other treat along with a select gift card.
  • If you’re heading to a family or friend’s home for the holidays, stop along the way at interesting out of the way specialty or antique shops and general stores and pick up a unique gift like handcrafted candles, homemade preserves, or a vintage lantern.

Suggested Gifts Car Enthusiasts

  • Car accessories are always welcome for any auto enthusiast. Purchase new premium floor mats, over the seat organizers, console organizers, or phone/GPS holders.
  • Put together an emergency kit. It’s a gift that could come in handy if your loved one is ever in a bind while traveling and shows that you care about their well being. Include items like a flashlight, reflective emergency cones, a basic tool kit, and other useful items.
  • Help pay for upgrades or services. Whether they want a new car stereo system, new wheels, or need some brake service done, getting someone’s car up to code is a great gift idea.
  • Take them to Johnson Bros. Ford to test drive a new or used vehicle. If you’ve got someone really special on your list that deserves a new ride, give them a spin in a Ford or Lincoln and get them into a fresh set of wheels.

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford to test drive a new vehicle for the holidays. Be sure to ask your salesperson about any lease or finance specials we might be running on your favorite Ford or Lincoln model.

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Thanksgiving Road Trip Tips


Hitting the road for Thanksgiving offers a combination of excitement and stress that has become synonymous with holiday travel. But the busy roads shouldn’t keep you from getting to your destination. Follow these Thanksgiving road trip tips to make this holiday travel season the easiest and most enjoyable one yet.

Do the Proper Planning

Planning a road trip may not seem as important as planning a flight, but the proper preparations can ensure you have a good time. The day before Thanksgiving has long been known as the busiest travel day of the year, and the following Sunday is almost as busy. Avoid these travel days whenever possible.

Pack a GPS

Most smartphones come equipped with GPS applications, and a number of our vehicles here at Johnson Bros. Ford also come with GPS capabilities. A good GPS system can save you a lot of hassle and give you a realistic look at your arrival time. A GPS can also help you find an alternative route if your usual route is too highly traveled.

Stop Often

More crowded roads and holiday deadlines can make you feel like you need to arrive at your destination in a hurry, but the best way to enjoy a road trip is to take your time. Make stops for good, healthy foods and get out of the car to stretch your legs or toss a football around. If you see a roadside attraction you’re interested in along the way, don’t be afraid to stop. Many times, the stops you make along a road trip are what make the journey even more pleasing than the destination.

Have the Right Road Trip Vehicle

The vehicle you use for your travels makes a big difference in how much you enjoy your time inside it. Get rid of your old, uncomfortable family vehicle and swap it for a new or quality pre-owned vehicle from Johnson Bros. Ford. We’ll help you find the perfect vehicle for your travel needs, whether you’re a couple who wants to travel in style or a family in need of in-car entertainment systems.

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Tips for Saving Money on Your Gas


Whether you just picked up a new vehicle from Johnson Bros. Ford or you are driving something that is a couple years old, it’s a good idea to change your driving habits to help save money on gas. These tips will help save gas whether you are driving something that gets excellent gas mileage or you drive something that gets in the teens and low 20s for gas mileage.


When you need to brake, brake sooner rather than later. If a light is going to change, you may not have to come to a complete stop. Accelerating from any speed saves gas over accelerating from a complete stop. The same theory applies when you are in traffic. If you are far enough behind traffic and start slowing down, you may not have to come to a complete stop, depending on how slow traffic is moving.

Keeping Your Distance

If you keep your distance behind people, you’ll brake less. On the highway, keep a steady speed as much as possible. Use the cruise control where you can to maintain a steady speed. If traffic slows and it’s possible to get into another lane that is moving at least the same speed you are, switch lanes. You can move back into your original lane once you pass the slow-moving vehicles.

Use Store Cards

Some stores offer a few cents off per gallon if you use the store’s card. There is one catch to this: Interest. However, if you pay off your gas purchases each month, you won’t get charged interest on those purchases and you’ll be able to realize the savings by using the store card. If you pay your store card balance online, simply pay the amount you pumped on the same day.

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford today to test drive a new vehicle. And, now that you have a few tips for saving gas, look at vehicles for their safety and convenience features instead of which ones get the best gas mileage.

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Child Passenger Safety Tips


When you test drive a vehicle from Johnson Bros. Ford and you have children, be sure the vehicle has child safety built into it, such as rear door child locks and the LATCH system for child seats. These items will make your job of keeping your child safe in the vehicle easier. Because it’s Child Passenger Safety Week next week, we’d like to share some important safety reminders.

Car Seats

You need certain types of car seats for your children based on their ages; and the seats need to be installed properly, whether they are a combination seat that works for newborns through the booster seat stage, a rear-facing seat, a front-facing seat or a booster seat. Since different brands may hook up differently, be sure to read the installation instructions carefully for each seat you use.

When you use the vehicle’s seat belt, it should fit across the child’s shoulder, not his or her neck; and the lap portion of the belt should lie across the child’s thighs.

Remembering Your Child

Though no one thinks they could possibly forget their child in the car, it can happen to anyone. To avoid this, place a reminder in the front with you, such as one of your child’s toys. An even better reminder is to put your purse or any other item that you have to take with you in the back seat so that you have to open the back to get what you need. This way, you will see your child and will be less apt to forget the child in the vehicle.

Door Locks and Window Locks

Just like you have to child proof your house, your vehicle needs to be child proofed. Be sure to lock the child locks on the rear doors. If your vehicle has window locks, use the window locks so that your child can’t roll the window all the way down.

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford to test drive a new vehicle and to learn more about that vehicle’s features including child safety features.

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Tips to Maximize Your Trade-In


When you trade you vehicle in at Johnson Brothers Ford, you’ll want to get the best price you can from it. While resale price plays a big part in what you are offered, you can increase the resale price by ensuring that your vehicle is in great condition. That means inside and outside.


Detail the inside and outside of the vehicle. Make sure it’s clean and that there are no stains on the upholstery. Use a vacuum with a crevice tool to clean all of the nooks and crannies, including seat nooks.

Wash and wax the exterior of the vehicle, including the wheels. Use the appropriate chemicals to bring the black out of the bumper if you have black bumpers. Make sure the chrome is clean and shiny.

Body Work

If you have minor body work that needs to be done, see if someone that does paintless repair can get the dents out. Get repair paint from the dealership to cover scratches. If you have major body work, you might price it out to get it repaired, but be careful of the cost. If it’s going to cost more than what you would get for the vehicle, fixing it is not worth it.

Engine and Transmission

Make sure the engine and all of it components are working well. If your check engine light is on, scan the computer to find out what the problem is and repair it. Make sure all fluids are topped off and that there are no leaks. Check the battery to ensure it is charging well. Check belts, hoses, brakes, steering and suspension components. The more you can fix, the more you will get for your vehicle; however, some repairs may not be worth it for what you could get for a vehicle.

Visit Johnson Brothers Ford

If you are not sure what you should or shouldn’t repair, bring your vehicle into Johnson Brothers Ford for an approximate value. This will help you determine what you should repair to help increase the value of your vehicle as it is related to a trade for a new vehicle in our showroom.

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Car Brakes: The Things You Should Know


At Johnson Bros. Ford, we want you and your family to stay safe. That’s why we’re glad to bring you this information about brakes.

Keeping your brakes in check will help make sure you don’t have any accidents due to faulty brake systems, which can not only prevent injury and expensive repairs, but it could save lives. Brakes are set up to slow your car and to stop it, and things like the weather or wear and tear can make them less effective. You should have them checked at least twice a year to be safe, and replace them as needed to be sure you will be able to stop effectively.

Car brakes are used to stop your car or truck, and they can slow it rapidly. They work by bringing a moving surface in contact with a stationary surface, which causes friction that will bring your vehicle to a stop. There are different types of brakes, including disc and drum brakes. Drum brakes tend to have trouble stopping heavy vehicles because of the weight involved, so disc brakes are more often used in the front of vehicles to help slow the car.

Antilock braking wasn’t commonplace until the 21st century. Now that it is, what you need to know is that it is an advanced system that reduces the chance of the brakes locking your wheels in place. This means that you’ll be more likely to be able to steer yourself out of trouble instead of being forced to continue in the same direction. Before you had antilock braking available, you would have had to pump your brakes to prevent skidding and the locking of your wheels. Nowadays, you don’t need to brake by pumping. Many people still make this mistake. You can simply push down and hold the brake while you steer out of the way now, which makes it a lot easier to control your vehicle.

Get Your Brakes Checked at Johnson Bros. Ford

While it helps to understand how your brakes work, the best, most proactive thing to do with this information is to ensure that yours are fully functional. Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford today and schedule a brake service check to determine if your brakes are in good working order.

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