How to Make the First Day of School Less Stressful


Preparing to go back to school can be stressful. Make that first day of school as stress-free as possible by following these simple preparation tips.

When it’s time to go back to school, you’ll have a lot of shopping to do. The kids need school clothes, books, notebooks, pencils, pens, new crayons, a computer or tablet depending on age and backpacks and lunch boxes. And, you may need a new car, especially if the kids have outgrown your old sedan. Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford to test drive a larger sedan or SUV so you have more room for bigger kids.

It’s easy to forget something during school shopping, especially if you have two or more kids. Some schools require some type of uniform, whether it’s an actual uniform or a requirement that students wear a certain color or type of pants and shirt. Creating a list with the help of your children, especially if they are older, will make your shopping experience less stressful.

For clothing and shoes, make a list for each child. Don’t forget the school’s requirements for color and style, gym clothes, a bathing suit if the school has a pool and any special clothing for extra curricular activities.

While some schools provide paper, writing utensils and other items needed, many schools now require that students provide their own, even at elementary level. If you do have to buy these things for grade school students, be sure to have notebooks, plain paper, writing paper with larger lines for the early grades, crayons, pens, pencils, a stapler, glue, a pencil bag, lunchbox and book bag for your grade school student.

Older children will need notebooks, pens, pencils, a book bag, a small lunch cooler and possibly a computer or tablet. Older children may need a notebook for each subject.

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Be sure to plan a stop at Johnson Bros. Ford to test drive a new vehicle or give us a call to set up a service appointment if you are going to keep your current vehicle. Ask your service adviser to do a complete safety check on your vehicle when you bring it in for maintenance.

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Why Choose Ford Over the Competition?

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 7.36.54 PM

Why choose a Ford over the competition? Because Fords bring more to consumers than nearly any other automaker. If you want a car, truck, or SUV that’s packed with features, that’s reliable, and that’s affordable to own, Ford is what you need to shop.

Quality and Reliability

The two go hand in hand – if you’ve got a quality car, you’ve got a reliable car. You can trust a Ford to start out great and to last for years without major mechanical issues. Not to mention that Fords come packed with quality materials and features.

Convenience and Safety Features

Speaking of features, Fords have plenty of them. From features that help keep you safe (whether preventing collisions or minimizing damage to you, your passengers, and your Ford) to features that make your drive more comfortable and convenient, your Ford is a well-engineered machine.


Maybe subjective, but Fords just look good. With bold, sharp lines, the designers at Ford have really been raising the bar in recent years and the competition has been trying to keep up.

Visit Johnson Bros. Ford

Ready to experience the Ford difference? Stop by Johnson Bros. Ford to test drive a new or used Ford car, truck, or SUV today. Even if you’re not on the market for a new vehicle, you can still drop in to learn more or to schedule some service with our service department at Johnson Bros. Ford in Temple, Texas.

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Tips to Improve MPG


Whether you purchase a vehicle that gets excellent gas mileage, such as a hybrid, or a vehicle that uses a bit more gas because of the higher horsepower engine from Johnson Brothers Ford, you’ll want to try to improve the miles per gallon. Although gas prices are lower, and it’s tempting to not worry about MPG, it’s a great idea to get into the habit of driving in such a way that you’ll improve the MPG – that way, you’ll be right in the game when gas prices increase.


Brake early. If you don’t have to accelerate from a dead stop, you’ll increase gas mileage. If you are coming up on a light that’s been red for a bit, start slowing down earlier, and you just might get lucky enough to be moving when it’s time to accelerate again. And, it’s safer, too. If it’s rainy or icy out, braking early gives you more control of your vehicle.

Highway Driving

Stay at one speed. Use the cruise control, if it’s safe to do so. And, to keep from changing speed when you’re following someone, leave 8 to 10 car lengths between you and the car in front of you. If that person is not using cruise, he or she may inadvertently slow down or speed up; and you’ll do the same. When you leave more distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, you won’t have to slow down until that person speeds up again.


Accelerate slowly. There’s no reason to accelerate like you’re going to be doing 100 mph down the road since you know that’s not going to be happening. Accelerate slowly – but not too slow, lest you irritate other drivers – and you’ll find that you’ll save more gas.


Make sure you keep up with the maintenance on your vehicle. Keeping everything in tip-top condition ensures that you get the best possible gas mileage.

Visit Johnson Brothers Ford

Stop by Johnson Brothers Ford to test drive a new vehicle. Or, if you’re not ready for a new vehicle just yet, give our Ford service department a call to schedule an appointment for maintenance.

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Driving Safety Tips for Dust Storms


While dust storms aren’t common around Temple, TX, Johnson Bros Ford knows that many of our neighbors travel far and wide. Because dust storms aren’t common in the area, many people won’t know what to do if they encounter one. Certain parts of the country can experience fairly intense dust storms, like in Kansas where howling winds (often in excess of 50 miles-per-hour) have kicked up some serious dust and can make driving nearly impossible. Follow these tips to tackle these dust storms safely in your vehicle if you encounter one on your travels.

Prepare Before You Go

Before you hit the road in the morning, check the weather in the areas through which you’ll be traveling. If there is any chance of avoiding a dust storm — even if it takes you a little out of the way — you should take the alternative route.

When You Encounter a Storm

Pull over and park your vehicle at the first signs of a low-visibility dust storm — you don’t want to wait until the storm has diminished visibility to pull off of the road. When stopping, be sure to pull completely off of the paved road to a safe area where you will not be in the line of traffic.

Once You’re Off the Road

Remain inside your vehicle until the dust storm passes and visibility increases. While your vehicle is parked, turn off all of its lights including emergency flashers. Engage your vehicles emergency brake and advise all of your passengers to keep their seatbelts fastened.

Wait for the Storm to Pass

It’s important to wait until a dust storm has completely passed before getting back on the roadway. When the storm has passed, continue back onto the roadway with caution and always drive at reduced speeds in heavy winds.

Visit Johnson Bros Ford

Before you head out anywhere, drop by Johnson Bros Ford to get your vehicle checked out, or for new and used car sales if you’re looking to update your vehicle.

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Information on the Service Engine Soon Light


If your engine light comes on in your car you should bring your vehicle in to Johnson Bros Ford as soon as possible so a trained service technician can check the problem. Often, the service engine soon (SES) light comes on but the vehicle still runs properly. This doesn’t mean you should ignore the light.

What Does the SES Light Tell Me? The SES light tells you that there is something wrong with one of the sensors or the computer in your vehicle. The problem could be serious enough to cause the vehicle not to start, it could affect the performance of the vehicle or you may not notice a difference in the way the vehicle runs. It depends which sensor is malfunctioning.

Should I Ignore the Light if My Vehicle is Running Smoothly? No, you should not ignore the light. While it may seem like you do not have a problem, something is not working properly. It could be anything from an oxygen sensor sensing the wrong mixture to a problem with the computer. Often, when a problem arises, the computer will go into “limp home” mode. The vehicle may seem to run okay, but you will most likely notice issues. One of the symptoms is that the vehicle won’t have as much power. Generally, it will run rough if it’s in limp home mode.

Why Does My SES Light Shut Itself Off Then Come on Again? This is what is known as a “soft” code. The computer senses a problem in the engine, but as soon as the problem rectifies itself, it shuts the light off as it doesn’t store the code. While there are a couple of sensors that could send a soft code, the most popular is the oxygen sensor. If you have a soft code for an oxygen sensor, the problem is most likely in the engine, not with the oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor senses the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. If there is too much that means the engine is not burning all of the air and fuel mixture in the cylinders. This is typically a problem in the ignition system — plugs, wires, coils, PCM/ECM or other ignition components.

I Checked the Codes with an Aftermarket Scanner and it Shows Several Codes: If your vehicle shows several codes that do not make sense, you could have a problem with the PCM or ECM itself. Since the computer cannot diagnose itself, it sometimes tells the technician that there is something wrong by displaying erroneous codes. For example, if you come up with a code for the coolant temperature sensor and the MAP sensor, along with the EGR valve and a code that means nothing and the vehicle is running fine, there is a good chance that the computer has failed.

Because everything on the engine affects something else, you should have a certified technician check the codes and repair the problems causing the SES light to illuminate. You may have a code for the oxygen sensor, but you will be wasting money if you replace it without checking the ignition or other components that affect the mixture. That is just one example of a problem diagnosing your vehicle yourself. You could have one sensor malfunctioning, which could cause another sensor to set a code. Contact a service technician at Johnson Bros Ford if your engine light is illuminated.

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Top Map Apps


When you pick up a new vehicle from Johnson Brothers Ford, depending on the trim level, you may be able to connect your smart phone to your vehicle and download apps including different map apps. Some are better for more remote areas or hiking and some are great for directing you around traffic jams.

Waze Social GPS, Maps and Traffic

This free app is owned by Google and while a few of its features are tied into Google, the app can be used without Google. Get live traffic updates from people who are actually sitting in that traffic. The app also has a speedometer that will warn you when you are speeding if you want; and it finds the best gas prices on your route. Enjoy location sharing with friends and a ranking system.

BackCountry Navigator GPS Pro

This app is for those who like to hike or go camping and allows you to download maps to use offline, which is quite handy if you are in an area where you can’t get a good signal. The app is a little pricey at $9.99, but worth it if you hike often. The app allows you to mark the maps; and it features maps from several countries. Download a trial version to see if you like it.

MapFactor: GPS Navigation

For a classic turn-by-turn navigation app that is different from Google Maps, down load this free app. It does have in-app purchases. MapFactor uses OffStreetMap data which supports many countries with more being added all the time. The actual map data and the app is all free. If you prefer TomTom GPS navigation, you can download those maps for an additional charge.

Google Maps

Still the best application for maps is Google Maps, and it’s free. Enjoy consistent features, frequent updates, the ability to download maps for offline use, support worldwide and street view. You’ll also enjoy detailed information on about 100 million places.

Visit Johnson Brothers Ford

Stop by Johnson Brothers Ford to test drive a new vehicle with telematics features so that you can connect your phone to the vehicle and use additional map apps.

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Researching Your Ford


When it’s time to buy a new vehicle, stop by Johnson Brothers Ford to test drive one or more vehicles. You can also visit our website’s “showroom” to find the vehicle with the best fuel economy, the most horsepower, the price range you are looking for or a combination of any of those.

For example, if you don’t care about fuel economy or horsepower, but you want a vehicle that is under $20,000, just move the right slider for the price down to $20,000. You’ll see that the Ford Fiesta in the hatchback and sedan versions and the Focus in the hatchback and the sedan versions are all under $20,000.

If gas mileage is also important, slide the left slider on for the fuel economy slider over. At 28 mpg, you end up with a 2016 Fiesta sedan that starts out at $14,580 and is in the 28-plus mpg range.

If you don’t care about price or fuel economy and just want a lot of ponies, leave the price and fuel economy sliders wide open and move the left slider on the horsepower over to the right. You’ll find that the F-450, the Mustang convertible and the Ford Mustang coupe have at least 430 horsepower.

To learn more about the models that you are interested in, just click on the vehicle’s picture. It will take you to a page with a list of colors, some of the standard features and a list of trim levels. The trim level list also shows you which engine and transmission comes standard with that trim level.

You can also expand specifications to see convenience features, off-road capability, the warranty, entertainment features, specs and dimensions, seats and trim, the powertrain, body exterior, suspension and handling, safety and security, lighting, visibility and instrumentation.

Visit Johnson Brothers Ford

Stop by Johnson Brothers Ford to research a new vehicle by starting out with a test drive. During the test drive, you’ll learn more about your favorite model including the trim levels available, standard options on each trim level and available options for the various trim levels.

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Getting Ready to Buy a New Ford


Before you buy a new vehicle, including a Ford from Johnson Brothers Ford, you’ll need to do some research so that you know you purchased the right vehicle for your needs. Since you already know you want a Ford, you then need to decide whether to buy new or used, purchase or lease if you are buying used, what model best fits your needs, and what trim level you prefer.


Choosing the model you want is easy for some people while others who don’t need something specific might have a hard time with the decision. If you have a large family, it’s easy to pick one of the SUV models; and if you often haul lots of things for work or working around the house, a pickup is an easy choice. For those who don’t have it quite so easy, make a list of what you’d like to have in your vehicle including size, gas mileage, safety features and entertainment features. You’ll be able to narrow your choice by excluding vehicles that don’t fit into your checklist.

Go Shopping

Once you have narrowed your list to a few models and possible trim levels, it’s time to go shopping. Head over to Johnson Brothers Ford to ask unanswered questions about the various models; and then you can test drive the vehicles you are interested in to help make your choice.

Lease or Purchase

Now it’s time to determine whether you wan to lease or purchase a vehicle. Some won’t want a lease no matter what and some won’t want to purchase no matter what. Your preferences depend on whether you can get a good deal on the vehicle you are interested in and whether you prefer to upgrade every few years, for example.

However, you may be ready to purchase but the vehicle you want may have a better lease deal. Be sure to get all of the numbers from the salesperson if you could go either way or if it would be less of a strain on your pocket to lease your favorite model rather than purchase it.

Visit Johnson Brothers Ford

Stop by Johnson Brothers Ford today to choose your favorite Ford model and to discuss options such as trim levels and leasing or buying.

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Chocolate Chip Desserts For The Road


Some chocolate chip recipes are just not made for the road, but you can convert them for the road. Or, if you’re bored with a certain dessert, you can always change it up. Before you head out, be sure to stop by Johnson Brothers Ford to have your vehicle serviced before you head out on your road trip.


Make your favorite brownie recipe. After all the ingredients are incorporated, fold in 1 cup of chocolate chips or ½ cup chocolate chips and ½ cup peanut butter or white chocolate chips. You can optionally heat ¼ cup heavy cream until it reaches a simmer. Remove it from the heat and stir in ½ cup chocolate chips. Stir until the chips are melted. Pour over the brownies.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Twist

Make your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough. You can use all chocolate chips or you can split the amount of chocolate chips with peanut butter or white chocolate chips. Instead of making cookies, grease and flour an 9-inch by 11-inch cake pan. Press the cookie dough evenly into the pan. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until a toothpick comes out clean – about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the amount your recipe makes. If the dough is thin in the pan, use a 9-inch by 9-inch pan for thicker bars. And, for thinner bars, start checking for doneness at 10 minutes.

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Mix up your favorite cake mix. Fold in 1 cup of mini chocolate chips. Fill cupcake tins about 2/3 full. Bake as directed for your recipe. Frost with your favorite frosting.

Visit Johnson Brothers Ford

Be sure to call our service department at Johnson Brothers Ford to schedule service or a checkup for your vehicle before you leave on your road trip. If you plan on buying or leasing a new vehicle this summer, stop by to test drive the vehicles you are interested in – take your favorite home with you so you can ride in a new vehicle on your road trip.

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Diesel Fuel Economy

When many people hear the word diesel, they think of huge trucks that are gas guzzlers. They may think you have to spend a fortune on diesel fuel. This isn’t entirely true these days. A lot more vehicles are being designed to be powered by a diesel engine. This special type of engine really has more pros than cons such as better acceleration, better fuel economy and increased efficiency. Well, Ford has really outdone themselves this time with the new 2014 Ford Super Duty. This truck is where beauty meets strength. With 15 different models and variations, there is sure to be one to fit all of your family’s needs. Here is just a short bit of information about the Lariat model at your Temple Ford dealer.

2014 F-250 Lariat Super Duty

This model has it all and more. This truck comes equipped with the 6.7L power stroke diesel motor. This exceptional truck offers powered seats for both driver and passenger, rear climate control, rear backup sensors with camera, a dual lock box area under backseats and a keyless door remote. It also comes fully loaded with everything you need for convenience and comfort starting with a power adjustable sunroof, a 4.2 inch LCD display, Bluetooth capabilities, satellite radio, turn-by-turn navigation, trailer brake control and more.

Vehicle Image

Currently, there are a good few specials and offers for the new Super Duty by Ford. Whehter you are buying or leasing, there is a deal to be worked out for you. For a more detailed list, visit Johnson Brothers Ford. The first special offer lets you drive away in your new Ford truck with 0% APR for 48 months and also gives you $1,000 credit cash bonus. What a fantastic deal. Or you can get back up to $4,000 with option two and also receive $1,000 bonus cash in the form of Ford credit. And as always, we have fabulous savings for all Law Enforcement and Military personnel coming to us for their Ford truck. Get $500 off your purchase when you come see us at Johnson Brothers Ford.

Stop by today to see what we can do for you and take a test drive of the new 2014 Super Duty. This is one truck you will be proud to show off.

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